(those not listed) will most likely in clude the can cel la tion of feedhold

 (those not listed) will most likely in clude the can cel la tion of feedhold,

feedrate over ride and the sin gle block mode, all for a more re li able ex e cu tion of the pro gram

blocks All of them can be con trolled copper busbar bending machine by a macro, us ing sys tem cnc cutter vari ables and other features, de –

scribed else where in this handbook Not all con trol mod els can ac cept the G661 com mand

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros

CNC Flanges Drilling Machine



Main Program and Local Variables

Any pro gram that does not call subprograms or mac ros is called the main pro gram – the only

pro gram there is Nor mally, we do not as so ci ate vari ables with a main pro gram, only with macro

pro grams Yet, there are many ap pli ca tions, where this pro gram ming tech nique can be very use –

ful and very sim ple to im ple ment for all con trols that have the macro op tion installed For those

learn ing mac ros from the be gin ning, this may even be a very good way to start the train ing The

best start is a prac ti cal ex am ple, en larg ing on the ba sic con cepts de scribed in Chap ter 7

For the pur poses of train ing, one of the sim plest ex am ples of vari ables in a main pro gram is

peck drill ing in dif fer ent ma te ri als Take two ma te ri als that are sup posed to be laser cutting the same, such as

forgings or cast ings from two dif fer ent sup pli ers Chances are, the ma te ri als will not only be

some what dif fer ent in size and shape, they will most likely have a no tice ably dif fer ent hard ness

Al though the draw ing is the same for the fin ished part from ei ther source, the ma chin ing pro ce –

dure is not The forgings from one sup plier will most likely use higher cut ting speeds and feeds

than forgings from the other sup plier, perhaps even dif fer ent peck ing depth In ba sic pro gram –

ming terms, we will need two pro grams to sat isfy the given con di tions

The pro gram ming tech niques for such a sit u a tion are il lus trated in the sam ple pro gram A typ i –

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