The presses are classified according to the indication of the fault

The presses are classified according to the indication of the fault There are reports with the failure of the display precision punch press failure display can be divided into indicator display and display display two cases: 1. Indicator light display Alarm indicator display Alarm refers to the alarm through the status indicator on the control unit (usually composed of LED LED or small indicator light) punch machine for Head. According to the state of the punch precision indicator, even in the display failure punch machine for Dished Head, can still be roughly analyzed to determine the location and nature of the fault, therefore. In the maintenance cnc drilling, troubleshooting process should carefully check the status of these state lights.

2. The display shows the alarm. Display Display Alarm is an alarm that can display the alarm number and alarm information through the precision punch press. Because the numerical control system generally has the strong self-diagnosis function, if the system diagnosis software as well as the display circuit work normally, once the system appears the breakdown, may demonstrate the breakdown information by the alarm number and the text form on the display. CNC system can display the alarm ranging from dozens of species, as many as thousands, it is an important information for fault diagnosis.

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