The G66 is much more practical, there fore more of ten used

The G66 is much more practical, there fore more of ten used, than the G661 Compare the typical for mats for both, the G65 and the G66 com mands, us ing the fol low ing ex am ple:

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros




Figure 17

Drawing example for a modal macro call


cnc drilling Machine

X0Y0 is at the lower left corner,

5×05 T

Z0 is at the top of the 5mm plate











AL PLATE 75 x 55 x 5

The sim ple ex am ple uses a part draw ing in Fig ure 17, where four holes have to be tapped (drill –

ing op er a tion Busway Press Clamp Machine is omit ted in the ex am ple) The macro will be de signed for a spe cial tap ping op er a –

tion only and G84 tap ping cy cles can not be used This is also a good ex am ple of sum ming up the

sub jects cov ered so far

The main ob jec tive of the macro is to pro gram a lower feedrate when the tap moves into the ma –

te rial and custom processing machine a higher feedrate when the tap moves out This tap ping tech nique is use ful for very fine

threads in soft ma te ri als, to pre vent thread strip ping These are the pro gram ming ob jec tives:


Spin dle speed

850 r/min


Nominal feedrate

425 mm/min (850 r/min x 05 pitch)


Feedrate in

80% of the nom i nal feedrate cut ting in


Feedrate out

120% of the nom i nal feedrate cut ting out


Retract clearance

3 mm


Cutting depth

65 mm (15 mm below the bottom of part)

Se lec tion of Vari ables

Any as sign ment ad dress can be used in the G65 macro call, pro vid ing it meets the cri te ria of

mac ros Since let ters will be used as as sign ments, the macro pro gram mer has 21 of these let ters to

choose from It makes sense to se lect let ters that pro vide some re drilling tools la tion ship to their mean ing in the

macro From the list above, se lect ing ar gu ment F for feedrate, S for spin dle speed, Z for tap ping

depth, R for the ini tial and re tract clear ance, etc, makes it eas ier to fill in the as sign ments This is

only a teach ing macro that does n

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