Small pneumatic punch, the installation of pneumatic punch matters

Small pneumatic punch, the installation of pneumatic punch matters 1) Before punching the installation, make sure that the edges of the mold are sharp, that there are no cracks in the die, and that there is no missing corner angle steel close. If there is a crack or missing angle, please let the blade edge. 2) Before clamping should be between the upper and lower mold pad a silicon steel sheet, defensive due to blade abrasion treatment process. 3) Before dying, rub the base and top of the whetstone with a rubble and rub it with a piece of cloth. If there is burr or rubbish, the mold will cause the laminating glitch to be out of tolerance. 4) Press the slider to adjust the stroke position satisfactory compression mold cnc busbar machine, we must ensure that we pneumatic punch good joint of the slider, rolling panel screw gently pressure. And then press the adjustment slider, remove the center of the silicon steel sheet. Loosen the lower panel screw, adjust the slide down, until hit the cavity 3 ~ 4 mm, compression molding board screws. Punching punch new mold punch must enter the die 3 to 4 mm axis drilling machine, otherwise, the punch die or die cracks. 5) Take the first takeoff slider dead point position, adjust the pressure bar set screw, elastic, and then idling several times to observe whether the mold and the news agency work is unusual. If there is no exception. Can be produced.

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