Single punch when the hands and feet punching short work of the end of the work

1. Before driving to pay attention to lubrication, remove the precision punch all the floating items. 2. Pneumatic punch to take action or punch system, the operator to stand properly, hands and head should be kept with the punch a certain distance, and always pay attention to the punch action, is strictly prohibited chat with others.


3. Punching short workpiece, the application of specialized tools, shall not hand feeding or picking. 4. Punching or long body parts, should be set up security care rack or take other security measures to avoid digging. 5. When a single red hands and feet are not allowed on the hand, foot brake, you must rush a move about to prevent accidents. 6. Two or more common operation drill angle iron, responsible for moving the gate, we must pay attention to the action of the feeders, is prohibited to take a side of the moving gate. 7. Stop work at the end of time, cut off the power, wipe the machine, finishing the environment. Saw tooth connecting rod disassembly cleaning and maintenance steel punching machine, check the teeth and connecting rod thread occlusion and wear conditions drilling boring machine, and polished grinding occlusal surface and apply grease.


PRECISION PRESSURE SLIDER ASSEMBLY DISASSEMBLY CLEANING MAINTENANCE GAP ADJUSTMENT AND WEAR SURFACE SEAL FINISH Check and reapply for grease. Precision punch mold pad demolition decomposition and cleaning Check the wear surface and re-apply grease after assembly test.

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