It is simplified (only one tool is used), it is clear that only three numbers

It is simplified (only one tool is used), it is clear that only three numbers, three val ues, have changed in the whole pro gram Need less to say, more tools used or more

com plex ity in ma chin ing may bring more copper busbar bending machine changes to the pro gram – yet the ba sic ap proach does

not change at all The ma jor ity of the pro gram data re mains iden ti cal in both in stances The ob vi –

cnc drill Machine

ous dis ad van tage is that if a change is nec es sary in one pro gram, it will also be nec es sary in the

other pro gram This could lead to ad min is tra tion prob lems and pos si ble er rors

With vari able data, with the ba sic fea tures mac Busway Press Clamp Machine ros of fer, only one mas ter pro gram is needed In

this mas ter pro gram, the three vari able ma chin ing data will be de fined as – vari ables By chang ing

the def i ni tions of the custom processing machine three vari able data, the ma chin ing will pro ceed as in tended, whether the soft

ma te rial or the hard ma te rial is used

For con ve nience and the abil ity to change the vari able data quickly, it is usu ally po si tioned at

the top of the pro gram (at its be gin ning) Here are the def i ni tions for the softer ma te rial, in its first macro ver sion:


Soft material

#1 = 1500

Spindle speed

#2 = 2250


#3 = 150

Peck drill depth

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Once the cut ting con di tions are de fined as vari ables, they can be used any where in the pro gram:

(T05 – 65 MM DRILL)

N61 T05

N62 M06

N63 G90 G00 G54 X1000 Y1250 S#1 M03 T06

Spindle speed variable applied

N64 G43 Z250 H05 M08

N65 G99 G83 R25 Z-750 Q#3 F#2

Peck-depth and feedrate variables applied

N66 X1250

N67 Y1500

N68 G80 G00 Z250 M09

N69 G28 Z250 M05

N70 M01

N145 M30


Once the pro gram O0008 is com pleted, all three lo cal vari ables will be cleared au to mat i cally

Note the use of vari able num bers #1, #2, #3 were used ar bi trarily There is noth ing wrong with that, ex cept when a true macro call G65 or G6

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