Inspection of Cutting Accuracy of CNC Machine Tools

Machine precision, also known as dynamic accuracy, is a comprehensive accuracy, it not only reflects the machine’s geometric accuracy and positioning accuracy, but also includes the specimen material, ambient temperature, CNC machine tool performance and cutting conditions and other Factors caused by errors and measurement errors.
In order to reflect the true accuracy of the machine, to try to rule out the impact of other factors. According to the conditions specified by the machine tool factory, such as specimen material, tool technical requirements, spindle speed, back to eat knife volume, into the speed, ambient temperature and cutting machine tool running time.
Cutting accuracy test can be divided into single-precision machining and inspection of a standard comprehensive test of two kinds of precision parts. In addition to the special requirements of the material being machined, the test piece is generally made of a grade of cast iron, using a carbide cutting tool according to the standard cutting amount.
For ordinary vertical machining center, the main single processing has the following: ① boring accuracy;
(2) the accuracy of the milling face of the face milling cutter; (3) the accuracy of the hole spacing and the dispersion of the hole diameter;
④ linear milling accuracy; ⑤ oblique milling accuracy; ⑥ arc milling accuracy

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