Design of Slide Block of IPM punching machines

The important role of the punch slider is to promote the movement of the mold, and the auxiliary pressure process is completed. Therefore, the punch press molding and stamping parts of the accuracy is of great significance. Then the punch factory in the design of sliding block design should follow what principles, the following knowledge will be described in detail as follows.

1, a variety of agencies in the slider to the simple and compact, rational layout, easy to install and adjust, and try to make the slider through the center of the slider body of the geometric center.

2, in order to ensure that the punch has a higher accuracy, the slider should be the appropriate accuracy requirements, and fully guide the length.

3, in ensuring the strength and stiffness under the premise of a reasonable cross-section size and fin location, as far as possible to reduce the weight of the slider.

4, the slider structure is complex, we must pay attention to the process.

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