Daily Maintenance and Safe Operation of Press Standardized maintenance and security of daily operations

Daily Maintenance and Safe Operation of Press Standardized maintenance and security of daily operations: (1) before the start of work 1) Job placement: In principle, people will be given machine, according to the needs of production and flexible adjustment, and to promote awareness of staff training and create a good mood and work attitude In this case, 2) work dress requirements: to enter the workshop should wear the label, dressed in factory clothes, is strictly prohibited to wear slippers, Guangbang Zi, barefoot on the machine operation. In this case, 3) to clean up the work place: the timely clean-up work surface and the work has nothing to do with all the items, check the seat with or without problems, the semi-finished product containers placed properly; sleeve sleeve cuff buckle, in addition to the operator, other technicians can not arbitrarily Enter the punch press workplace. In this case, 4) Check the lubrication condition of the punch: Check whether there is enough oil in the oil storage room of the manual lubricating oil pump. If the adverse reaction is found, it should not be dealt with by the private supervisor in time to prevent the accidents. In this case, 5) check the mold clamping is correct and reliable, with or without loose phenomenon, whether the crack on the blade scar. In this case, 6) Test the brake clutch and manipulator device, make a few empty stroke (not washed product) try to move, such as the clutch does not really separate when not to open the motor beam drilling and sawing lines. In this case, 7) Ready to work with the required fixture In this case, (2) working hours In this case, 1) the operator in the operation process, we must concentrate on the prohibition of looking around, not to chat with others and other work has nothing to do, to prevent distraction, resulting in a security incident. Offenders greater than the above punishment, twice greater than the expulsion. In this case, 2) The next mold can only put a workpiece, and not allowed to have other metal debris, about every 5 to 6 times after the trip to be used to remove the hook on the table more than expected, such as workpiece stamping die bite should stop stamping, reported Know when the squad leader in a timely manner, not out of their own. In this case, 3) drawing the workpiece to pay attention to when the material clean busbar punch, to avoid iron and dust sticking to the die, and should be regularly sent by hand lubricating oil pressure pump lubrication, about every 5-6 itinerary to be used after a clean brush dipped in oil lubrication 1 time. In this case, 4) in the case of machine tools and molds without safety positioning device, does not allow even punching, and provides the production of some difficult products must be controlled with both hands switch is prohibited to use the foot switch to prevent accidents punching machine for Head. In this case, 5) During the operation of the operator, pay attention to the feet for a long time on the foot pedal or foot switch, so as not to accidentally touch the switch, causing accidents, offenders greater than punishment, twice larger than immediately dismissed . In this case, 6) The operator and the kanban staff found that the punch slider free fall or abnormal noise and product crush, burr, waste and other undesirable phenomena, should promptly communicate with each other, should be promptly turn off the power, runner stopped running before Clean the mold within the scope of the waste, strictly prohibited without turning off the power and the wheel does not stop running the case of hands, tools and other items into the mold area pick up parts and clean up waste, to prevent accidents.

In this case, 7) No person shall disassemble the protective device privately, handle the machine malfunction privately, no person shall enter the workshop operation after the drink machine, the offenders are greater than the above punishment, head of the team leader in mind that small punishment. In this case, (8) Modulator must make certain markings for certain unadjusted molds (pay special attention to clear transfer). If the machine or material is damaged inadvertently, it should be punished more than the above, and be responsible for compensating the loss. cost. In this case, (3) work is completed In this case, 1) two classes of operators before the handover in the day before the equipment must be a problem, easily lead to security incidents reported to the squad leader in time to deal with. In this case, 2) the operator to leave the job must turn off the power before leaving, offenders smaller than punishment. In this case, 3) timely clean up the work surface and groove around the debris, the tools and stamping products neatly placed in the appropriate place In this case, 4) with a dry cloth to wipe the machine and die again, the mold edge and the punch is not painted part of the oil coated with a layer of oil lubrication, so as not to rust.

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