China has also become the world’s first importer of punching punch without a large-scale high-speed punch

At present, China has also become the world’s first machine tool lack of large-scale high-speed punch importer, and numerical control mode is mainly controlled by high-speed punch, the cost is 50% ~ 30% of the total cost.

Statistics show that the domestic high-end CNC system is 70% of the shares of foreign CNC companies, while the high-speed high-speed punch is still part of the embargo restrictions on foreign market tactics materials. Five-axis high-speed punching machine is the high-speed punching technology after bleaching high ground, processing large-scale propeller machining of five-axis machine tool surface space.

According to the industry Zhuojing introduction, the table of all the major technical equipment independent intellectual property rights technology breakthrough 3: First, the heavy-duty high-precision spindle box equipment, strength and stiffness requirements in the spindle box creation time reached The world’s limitations; Second, the study of long bed manufacturing process and the degree of accuracy than the domestic. Machine length 45 meters, 1 meter long rail to 0.015 mm error does not progress, any 20 meters length error of less than 0.16 mm, length of 45 meters of the total length of the error is less than 0.27 mm; Third, start the domestic dual-working group three-channel digital control Technology and three-axis synchronization technology.

Deputy director of the “developed countries, we are speeding up to catch up.Some product development success even to foreign counterparts with panic, not only broke their long – term monopoly in the domestic market, but also forced them to lower their product prices. IPM Machine Tool Industry Association in a very representative object.

“China’s CNC enterprises have the confidence and ability to break the monopoly of foreign companies and technical barriers, with our development of the ‘brain’ to equip our equipment, breaking the foreign blockade.” Wuhan Huazhong NC Co., IPM NC to the general industrial computer hardware platform for technological opportunities, software technology innovation experience, to achieve a breakthrough in the numerical control system. It is estimated that the use of common industrial machinery and electronic equipment, the development of overseas breakthrough closed 4-channel, 9-axis “Central China 1” high-performance CNC system, reached the international advanced level.

Not an exaggeration of the antennae Not only that, our products have been extended to high-speed punch sets.
CNC machine tools is a super heavy water, fire, nuclear power plant construction, manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy and other major equipment manufacturing industry and heavy equipment manufacturing center, China has become a few super heavy machine supply. 250-type 5-meter CNC heavy-duty horizontal boring machine is a new product and manufacturing independent research and development of heavy quality, is a super-heavy CNC horizontal lathe so far the world’s largest machine specifications, the total weight of 1450 tons, the spindle box weight of 177 tons , In the 0.008 mm spindle face and radial runout.

The high-pressure sealing device constitutes the electromagnetic valve of the fraudulent and compressed gas, and the foot switch controls the action of the electromagnetic valve to control the work and the reward of the cylinder so as to achieve the purpose of punching. Compressed air can be stored in the gas tank, ready to use, so the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčelectricity is not idle power. The use of the working parts of the cylinder, with the solenoid valve as a control element, the machine structure is more simple, low interest rate nuisance, flourishing, modified maintenance simple, low cost, practical delivery. Using 220 power solenoid valve control, manipulation of individual so simple.

2, the characteristics of equipment

The machine structure is simple, low production cost, pneumatic technology selection, the realization of an air compressor can also provide a number of pneumatic work punching machine, saving more than punch. The power consumption cost is reduced. Simple operation, high safety, control solenoid valve, simple structure of the foot switch, low failure rate, improve production efficiency.

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