Analysis of the development trend of precision presses

Many of the machine industry experienced the most difficult to carry out the period drill mill machine, there will be an outstanding trend, so slowly into the peak period to complete the new break. About the development trend of precision punch press, basically is such a situation. China is the most human resources, is precisely because many human, so the corresponding human price is not very high, this situation compared to the appropriate industrial production.


Only the need for precision punching staff through training, can be formally posts, it will inject new impetus for this career, career development speed will be faster. However, the current situation is very upset, mainly because of the existence of high-precision punch press high-risk, some people despite the need for this wage, but even more cherish their own lives. The reason is still with the formation of such precision punch skills CNC Busbar cutting Machine, because the skills are not continuous innovation, to achieve high security performance, so the factory wants to expand the human demand is difficult to continue. As long as more production workers to grasp the skills, will make the plant to further expand the planning, will be in all precision punch mall stand firm footsteps, to a new road. Well-known precision punch company’s foundation is stable, not because of the market economy is not firm attack too much change, the leaders of the decision-making plan will be very timely, regardless of skills or quality can not be crossed, can only be Submerged in the mall torrent laser cutting.

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