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Punch works Punch design principle

Punch works Punch design principle is to convert the circular motion to linear motion. (Or eccentric gear), connecting rod and other operations, to achieve the linear motion of the slider drill angle steel, from the main motor to the movement of the connecting rod for the circular motion of the main motor to drive the flywheel, the clutch drive gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear) Link and slide between the need for circular motion and rectilinear motion of the transfer point cnc busbar bender, the design generally has two kinds of institutions, one for the ball type, one for the pin type (cylindrical) drill machine, through this mechanism will be circular motion Into a linear motion of the slider.

Punch the ring, small parts of the role of large

Punch the ring, small parts of the role of large In this case, The sealing ring is mounted on both ends of the ball nut. Contact with the elastic seal cabinet rubber oil or nylon and other materials made of Qi punch machine for Head, the hole made with the screw thread raceway with the shape. Contact the sealed cabinet of the dustproof effect, but because of contact pressure, so that a slight increase in friction torque metal saw. Non-contact seals made of PVC and other plastics, the punch hole in the shape of screw thread with the opposite race, and a slight gap. Non-contact seal also known as labyrinth seal cnc angle machine. Sealing ring is the most indispensable member of the punch.

Classification of presses

Classification of presses 1. According to the slider drive force can be divided into two kinds of mechanical and hydraulic (1) mechanical punch (2) hydraulic presses 2 welding machine for plate. According to the slider movement classification: single-action plate beveling machine, double action, three-action, such as punching 3 Welding adjustable stand. According to the slider drive mechanism classification (1) crankshaft punch (2) without crankshaft punch (3) the toggle type punch (4) friction punch (5) spiral presses (6) rack-type presses (7) connecting rod punch (8) cam-type punch

The main rotating machine parts The main rotating machine

The main rotating machine parts The main rotating machine parts Punch the main rotating parts, fitted with connecting rod, can take up and down the connecting rod (reciprocating) into circular motion (rotation) movement. Is an important part of the punch bed. Its material is made of carbon structural steel or ductile iron. There are two important parts: the main journal, the connecting rod neck, (and others). The main journal is installed on the bed. The connecting rod neck is connected with the big head hole of the connecting rod, and the connecting rod small head hole is connected with the punching slide. It is a typical crank slider mechanism. The lubrication of the crankshaft mainly refers to the bearing between the rocker arm lubrication and two fixed-point lubrication Metal Marking Machines. The rotation of the crankshaft is the power source of the press. But also the source of the entire mechanical system. Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co drill machine., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of precision punching machine angle punch, pneumatic punching machine, sheet metal punching machine and forging press machine. IPM insists on the quality policy of ‘quality and service’, continuously improve the quality consciousness and quality level of the whole staff, Clear quality objectives and follow the principles to ensure that the advanced nature of the product, the reliability of competition in the market dominance. Welcome customers to buy, and to undertake customer needs to the special specifications of products.

What is the role of the tachometer generator? What is the role of the tachometer generator?

What is the role of the tachometer generator? What is the role of the tachometer generator? In this case cnc milling machine, Punch speed generators can generally change the speed of the time when the punch press, high-speed punch equipment for rate control when the punch is often higher than the frequency of equipment. Punch speed generator said that white is a small punch inside the generator notching machine, and its output is inversely proportional to the speed, which means that the high voltage equipment, press speed will be relatively slower. Punch speed generator is a very important part of punching equipment, so it should be timely in the use of Punch Tachometer generator maintenance Structural Steel Fabrication Equipment. Maintenance work can be requested professional on-site service manufacturers.

Daily Maintenance and Safe Operation of Press Standardized maintenance and security of daily operations

Daily Maintenance and Safe Operation of Press Standardized maintenance and security of daily operations: (1) before the start of work 1) Job placement: In principle, people will be given machine, according to the needs of production and flexible adjustment, and to promote awareness of staff training and create a good mood and work attitude In this case, 2) work dress requirements: to enter the workshop should wear the label, dressed in factory clothes, is strictly prohibited to wear slippers, Guangbang Zi, barefoot on the machine operation. In this case, 3) to clean up the work place: the timely clean-up work surface and the work has nothing to do with all the items, check the seat with or without problems, the semi-finished product containers placed properly; sleeve sleeve cuff buckle, in addition to the operator, other technicians can not arbitrarily Enter the punch press workplace. In this case, 4) Check the lubrication condition of the punch: Check whether there is enough oil in the oil storage room of the manual lubricating oil pump. If the adverse reaction is found, it should not be dealt with by the private supervisor in time to prevent the accidents. In this case, 5) check the mold clamping is correct and reliable, with or without loose phenomenon, whether the crack on the blade scar. In this case, 6) Test the brake clutch and manipulator device, make a few empty stroke (not washed product) try to move, such as the clutch does not really separate when not to open the motor beam drilling and sawing lines. In this case, 7) Ready to work with the required fixture In this case, (2) working hours In this case, 1) the operator in the operation process, we must concentrate on the prohibition of looking around, not to chat with others and other work has nothing to do, to prevent distraction, resulting in a security incident. Offenders greater than the above punishment, twice greater than the expulsion. In this case, 2) The next mold can only put a workpiece, and not allowed to have other metal debris, about every 5 to 6 times after the trip to be used to remove the hook on the table more than expected, such as workpiece stamping die bite should stop stamping, reported Know when the squad leader in a timely manner, not out of their own. In this case, 3) drawing the workpiece to pay attention to when the material clean busbar punch, to avoid iron and dust sticking to the die, and should be regularly sent by hand lubricating oil pressure pump lubrication, about every 5-6 itinerary to be used after a clean brush dipped in oil lubrication 1 time. In this case, 4) in the case of machine tools and molds without safety positioning device, does not allow even punching, and provides the production of some difficult products must be controlled with both hands switch is prohibited to use the foot switch to prevent accidents punching machine for Head. In this case, 5) During the operation of the operator, pay attention to the feet for a long time on the foot pedal or foot switch, so as not to accidentally touch the switch, causing accidents, offenders greater than punishment, twice larger than immediately dismissed . In this case, 6) The operator and the kanban staff found that the punch slider free fall or abnormal noise and product crush, burr, waste and other undesirable phenomena, should promptly communicate with each other, should be promptly turn off the power, runner stopped running before Clean the mold within the scope of the waste, strictly prohibited without turning off the power and the wheel does not stop running the case of hands, tools and other items into the mold area pick up parts and clean up waste, to prevent accidents.

In this case, 7) No person shall disassemble the protective device privately, handle the machine malfunction privately, no person shall enter the workshop operation after the drink machine, the offenders are greater than the above punishment, head of the team leader in mind that small punishment. In this case, (8) Modulator must make certain markings for certain unadjusted molds (pay special attention to clear transfer). If the machine or material is damaged inadvertently, it should be punished more than the above, and be responsible for compensating the loss. cost. In this case, (3) work is completed In this case, 1) two classes of operators before the handover in the day before the equipment must be a problem, easily lead to security incidents reported to the squad leader in time to deal with. In this case, 2) the operator to leave the job must turn off the power before leaving, offenders smaller than punishment. In this case, 3) timely clean up the work surface and groove around the debris, the tools and stamping products neatly placed in the appropriate place In this case, 4) with a dry cloth to wipe the machine and die again, the mold edge and the punch is not painted part of the oil coated with a layer of oil lubrication, so as not to rust.

The presses are classified according to the indication of the fault

The presses are classified according to the indication of the fault There are reports with the failure of the display precision punch press failure display can be divided into indicator display and display display two cases: 1. Indicator light display Alarm indicator display Alarm refers to the alarm through the status indicator on the control unit (usually composed of LED LED or small indicator light) punch machine for Head. According to the state of the punch precision indicator, even in the display failure punch machine for Dished Head, can still be roughly analyzed to determine the location and nature of the fault, therefore. In the maintenance cnc drilling, troubleshooting process should carefully check the status of these state lights.

2. The display shows the alarm. Display Display Alarm is an alarm that can display the alarm number and alarm information through the precision punch press. Because the numerical control system generally has the strong self-diagnosis function, if the system diagnosis software as well as the display circuit work normally, once the system appears the breakdown, may demonstrate the breakdown information by the alarm number and the text form on the display. CNC system can display the alarm ranging from dozens of species, as many as thousands, it is an important information for fault diagnosis.

Single punch when the hands and feet punching short work of the end of the work

1. Before driving to pay attention to lubrication, remove the precision punch all the floating items. 2. Pneumatic punch to take action or punch system, the operator to stand properly, hands and head should be kept with the punch a certain distance, and always pay attention to the punch action, is strictly prohibited chat with others.


3. Punching short workpiece, the application of specialized tools, shall not hand feeding or picking. 4. Punching or long body parts, should be set up security care rack or take other security measures to avoid digging. 5. When a single red hands and feet are not allowed on the hand, foot brake, you must rush a move about to prevent accidents. 6. Two or more common operation drill angle iron, responsible for moving the gate, we must pay attention to the action of the feeders, is prohibited to take a side of the moving gate. 7. Stop work at the end of time, cut off the power, wipe the machine, finishing the environment. Saw tooth connecting rod disassembly cleaning and maintenance steel punching machine, check the teeth and connecting rod thread occlusion and wear conditions drilling boring machine, and polished grinding occlusal surface and apply grease.


PRECISION PRESSURE SLIDER ASSEMBLY DISASSEMBLY CLEANING MAINTENANCE GAP ADJUSTMENT AND WEAR SURFACE SEAL FINISH Check and reapply for grease. Precision punch mold pad demolition decomposition and cleaning Check the wear surface and re-apply grease after assembly test.

Analysis of the development trend of precision presses

Many of the machine industry experienced the most difficult to carry out the period drill mill machine, there will be an outstanding trend, so slowly into the peak period to complete the new break. About the development trend of precision punch press, basically is such a situation. China is the most human resources, is precisely because many human, so the corresponding human price is not very high, this situation compared to the appropriate industrial production.


Only the need for precision punching staff through training, can be formally posts, it will inject new impetus for this career, career development speed will be faster. However, the current situation is very upset, mainly because of the existence of high-precision punch press high-risk, some people despite the need for this wage, but even more cherish their own lives. The reason is still with the formation of such precision punch skills CNC Busbar cutting Machine, because the skills are not continuous innovation, to achieve high security performance, so the factory wants to expand the human demand is difficult to continue. As long as more production workers to grasp the skills, will make the plant to further expand the planning, will be in all precision punch mall stand firm footsteps, to a new road. Well-known precision punch company’s foundation is stable, not because of the market economy is not firm attack too much change, the leaders of the decision-making plan will be very timely, regardless of skills or quality can not be crossed, can only be Submerged in the mall torrent laser cutting.

Small pneumatic punch, the installation of pneumatic punch matters

Small pneumatic punch, the installation of pneumatic punch matters 1) Before punching the installation, make sure that the edges of the mold are sharp, that there are no cracks in the die, and that there is no missing corner angle steel close. If there is a crack or missing angle, please let the blade edge. 2) Before clamping should be between the upper and lower mold pad a silicon steel sheet, defensive due to blade abrasion treatment process. 3) Before dying, rub the base and top of the whetstone with a rubble and rub it with a piece of cloth. If there is burr or rubbish, the mold will cause the laminating glitch to be out of tolerance. 4) Press the slider to adjust the stroke position satisfactory compression mold cnc busbar machine, we must ensure that we pneumatic punch good joint of the slider, rolling panel screw gently pressure. And then press the adjustment slider, remove the center of the silicon steel sheet. Loosen the lower panel screw, adjust the slide down, until hit the cavity 3 ~ 4 mm, compression molding board screws. Punching punch new mold punch must enter the die 3 to 4 mm axis drilling machine, otherwise, the punch die or die cracks. 5) Take the first takeoff slider dead point position, adjust the pressure bar set screw, elastic, and then idling several times to observe whether the mold and the news agency work is unusual. If there is no exception. Can be produced.